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Appraisal Overview for First Party Claims

When there is a dispute regarding the amount of loss, submitting the matter to Appraisal is one option for resolving the issue. The appraisal process assists in determining both the scope of damage as well as the actual cost for repair.

“Document, Document, Document!” What is Needed to Better Defend a Questionable Auto Accident?

What steps can you take to prevent a minor auto accident from turning into a questionable liability or causation claim? Here are some suggestions to pass on to your employees should they be involved in an automobile accident.

NCCI Proposes Florida Workers Compensation Rate Increase

The anticipated impact of the decision is the elimination of the statutory caps on claimant attorney fees and a return to hourly fees.

Tips on How to Achieve Work-Life Balance

Balancing your work and your life may feel impossible, especially as technology makes it easy for work to impose on your life. Here are a few tips for balancing these two aspects of your life.

Five Expectations of Millennials in the Workplace

Millennials are probably tired of hearing about how lazy and ungrateful they are, while the Baby Boomers and Gen X’s that manage them are probably unsure of how to handle a generation that so many of their peers have maligned.

Fine Art Claims: When to Hire an Expert and What Type of Expert You Need

When something has been lost or is stolen, a valuation expert may be called in to consult on the insurance claim. The same goes for damaged art — if the art is damaged, either during a criminal act or because of an accident, you may want someone who can carefully consider the cost of the art and its restoration to assess the damage.

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